Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 1, .2012 Hiking the Hill (mountain)

Hiked to to top of our small mountain today with my mother-in-law.
Went for a walk yesterday and hiked to the top of it then. I can't believe 'ME' made it both days without falling on my backside. Yesterday was to see if I could do it on my own. Today we were slate hunting for the patio. To steep of a climb to bring any of it down that we did find. Now that the Glade has been bushwhacked it was a little easier to get to our starting point.( the step climb) For a mid fortyish and mid sixtyish women we did pretty good. We knee and hand climbed for the steepest part, only slide back down once I didn't have good footing and only slid a few feet. It was amazing! I think that's the best part of owning land is being able to walk & explore it and feel comfortable doing it.
this year ought to be a bumper crop of blackberries, cause we sure have a lot of them. The higher we went the more prickly they got. And the mushrooms on the old fallen trees were huge. I know you can eat them, but not sure on how to fix them so they would not be woody tasting.
All in all it was a great Sunday afternoon. We camp stove fixed  vegetable beef soup, there is nothing like eating outside on a spring day.

Here are some picture of our day on our mountain. I'll explain as I go.
                                                                My dog Chloe.
                                         Climbing up the mountain, by knee and hand method.
These two pictures are looking back down the mountain. Whatever were we thinking???
                            This next picture we thought kind of looked like an Eagles head . Do you see it?
A pretty little flower.

And lastly a Fox. This was the first we saw..haven't had any for a while as we had a coyote problem last year.

Fun day!

Oh, yeah our mountain is only at elevations of about 1500 feet at the highest ridge.
But to us it was a worthy climb. Glad to know we still Got It!!

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