Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bracelets, Washers & New Clutches

Okay, Sorry about it being so long between posts, somehow I was locked out of site and it has taken me until today to figure out how to get back in.

A couple of new clutches have been created in the last few weeks. The Jungle Boogie Giraffe Clutch.

And this one that is still unnamed.
I have also been working on bracelets for this fall, made from patches of crazy quilted fabric.

These bracelets will have snap, button or elastic to hold them on. Still working out the dynamics of it all.They will also be embellished up with buttons, beads, stitchery etc.

Some fun new alcohol inked and
glossed washers have made it in to the mix of things I have been working on. These are some of my favorites, as the inks on them have created some really cool effects. I researched loads of tutorials on using these inks before I actually started using them. Many had the same cool star-burst or blotchy spot effects. But after playing with them They are easily versatile if you can work with them quickly, creating different designs in the inks. some of my favorite choices are using metallic additives and glitter glue mixed in with the inks. Also canned air is a wonderful tool to dry some areas faster while others are still wet.  Normally my necklaces are wire wrapped with beading, however these are so cool on their own, I think I will just paper the back and call them done.

Look for the bracelets getting done in the next post.
As always enjoy,