Friday, December 7, 2012

Ghostly images.....

Wow, I really can't believe its been about a month since I last posted. The year is fastly coming to an end, we are preparing for the Christmas season and just plain ole keeping busy.

Last weekend while at the farm , I was taking pictures of nature in its finest , it was a cool but absolutely beautiful day for the first weekend in December. We have a very marshy area toward the back of our farm, our spring gently tumbles down a hill and falls into the creek that lays in the valley, keeping this area very moist in places. One such spot has a underground  stream that has bubbled up and created a small about 1'x 1' hole about 5-6 inches deep. We had poked at it, under the edges to see how far back it went under the ground. Our stick was about 4 feet long and went in about 2 feet before hitting something solid. This was Saturday. On Sunday we went back , thinking to dig it out some, but instead I decided to take some pictures. Unbeknown to me until I got home and downloaded them was a ghostly image looking back at me.
I know you are thinking, pretty day and what I captured was my own image. Maybe it was the algae in the pool, maybe it was reflection of the sky and trees... or maybe it was a ghostly image. You'll have to decide on your own. Imagination... what would we do with out it.

The image is clearer the smaller it gets. Look closely in the center of the picture you can make out the eyes, nose, brows, mouth, hair line and a slight roundness top the face overall.
Something to think about.

Plus a couple more nature picture to enjoy. -TNfrmgrl

Sat.December 8- HK said he found three faces in the picture, but a friend from China said he also saw two faces and that of a bear? MMMMmmm.....

Really cool turkey tail mushrooms on a stick in the creek

Just a pretty picture of our valley in December