Wednesday, May 15, 2013

'A Jones of all Trades'

 Have you seen anything more beautiful, if you look closely it was a double Rainbow , even though your only seeing part of it this was a complete arch. Awesome!!! The glow coming off of it....the picture really did not do it justice.

Its the night before the opening of the consignment shop ' A Jones of all Trades'.
This is the shop that my father-in-law and myself added some of our products too.  It is a quaint little shop just past the Davidson / Wilson county line here in Middle Tennessee. I had the chance to meet two of the vendors this past Friday at a special 'meet-n-greet'  before it opened.

The first was Tina Waller, she makes the most awesome crochets items and origami mobiles, There was a Koi fish one that both HK and I fell in love with. On a personal note there was one crocheted bag limey/olive green with  mauve red rosettes that was calling my name.

Tina's link is below just copy it into your browser:

Here are a few items from the back room.  Wooden toys ( At Woods End), crocheted items  (Tina Waller Designs), baby blankets, hair barrettes and bobs and more.

The second vendor was Amanda K, of AmandaKDesigns, she had a great assortment of products. From cool jewelry, to window frame art, to pillows and so much more. You can check her out on Facebook, just copy  the link below into your browser:

As you walk in the front door you are greeted with pale yellow walls , that sets the mood  of all the rich vibrant tones and goodies you'll find inside on the walls and displayed throughout.

Of course, don't forget you can also just go straight to the source
here is the link to "A Jones of all Trades", and see all the wonderful vendors.

Be sure and stop in and say hello to the owner  Becca Jones , she is also the artist of some of the amazing jewelry you will find here.
Seen sitting here , behind their handmade counters, made from wooden legs and pallets, very shabby chic.(I would love to have some of these for my front porch with a sheet of glass on top. so easy to make a really great idea!)

You will find something for everyone here. To list a few more, wooden bowls, jewelry, mason jar sipper cups, stone oil lamps, homemade candles, hand painted wall art, photographic prints,walking sticks, aprons, needle felted clutches, decorative window panes, wooden  displays and so much more.

If you have the chance stop in a say hello, browse around. New vendors/ items will be added. So check back often.

As for me, today I spent anticipating tomorrow and getting back on my feet. Keep me in your prayers as I'm a little nervous. Lots of fun alcohol ink necklaces added to Etsy site, and working new purses.