Friday, September 20, 2013

Needle Felted Brooches

It's that time again when I ramp up my stock on items to sell in my Etsy shop.
Lately it seem that everyone is wanting fun brooches to wear. I have been in over drive to get Fall and winter ones made.
First came the pumpkins, these like the others were needle felted first them machine free stitched, before stuffing and sewing together.

Next came the the Owls , I made about twelve of them. It was a lot of fun inking the washers for the eyes and choosing which owl they would go onto. The washers really brought personality to them.
 Then came the Christmas trees.  I still have a request in for hearts, shamrocks (maybe) and something for Easter.

I also made up a couple of smaller wallet style clutches. This one is in Autumn colors the other (not shown ) is more wintry.

Below are a few more brooches that I have made over the last year. To the right is a Redbird sitting on a velvet cushion.

Piggies, because who doesn't like little pink pigs.
 These are probably my favorite, the Bluebirds.

And of coarse the Elephants. They were the first I ever made, they have a lot of personality, I think...

This one more small pouch I made a few months ago, the colors remind me of Old Gold and Victorian Rose.It would be the perfect size for a slimline camera. It also has a foam padding inside that could help if you did use it for a camera case.