Wednesday, January 27, 2016



1. Spill tiny glass beads into keyboard. 
2. Take said keyboard apart. 
3. Dump beads out .
4 Dump insides out of keyboard. 
5. Replace insides.
6. Blow out dust bunnies and other findings.
7. Go to replace cover , hit desk screws go flying 
8. Pick up 8 screws.
9. Loose screwdriver 
10. Find screwdriver and loose one screw. 
11. Oh well replace those that i have. 
12. Turn computer back on.
13. Sign on to computer. 
14. Mouse does not work. 
15. Move tower and push cord back in.
16. Move tower back into place, 
17. Find leg off keyboard that went lost over a year ago.
18. Try and replace said leg.Turn it all ways, push, and snap into place.
19. Leg in place , keyboard working.
20. Sequences.. how do we ever get through life without them

 Phone conversation with husband...Yes, honey I know you told me not to do  crafts over my desk. Yes, you can tell me" I told you so". I love you too. he laughs, I laugh.

If you have ever had a moment like this. i am right there with you.

Happy thought... All's well that ends well.

The cross body finally got put together. Now for a little embellishing.


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Before & After

Have you ever had a piece of art that just wasn't working for you? Maybe it didn't sale, or the colors weren't as vibrant

as you wanted or it was just off in some way.

That was the problem with this small clutch. It has sat tucked away in the bottom of a drawer until I took it out today and decided to refresh it.

I was really amazed with adding a little fleece curls, roving and assorted embellishment yarns that it actually came alive. Almost looks to jump off the screen. I think this piece now deserves to take center stage on a cross-body tote front.  What was once a pewter green nightmare , is a jewel toned dream. Look for the finished project soon.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Name change and other fun stuff

Happy 2016. Can you really believe that in five days we will be into February. Where has the first month gone?
Did you notice the name change, I hope so as we are taking this blog in a new direction. My hope is to make this the place for simple art lessons. Whether in felting or whatever creative artistry I am up to today.
Late last year we changed our Etsy shops name from 'The Artsy Clutch' to "Blue Poppy Feltworks".
Changing your name would seem to be an easy process, it was in some ways but I forgot when you change it in one place it seems there are loads other that follow; so as of January 25, 2016 all those places are now changed. Yeah !!!

(I am  not a technical genius, or very computer savvy, I'd rather save my creativeness to my art. So, if like me your comp. skills are somewhat lacking rest assure your secret is safe .)

Getting back to art in general, I have a couple of fun hand needle felted pieces to show you. These were done late last year.
First up are a herd of Elephant Brooches. These have been making a hit on the Etsy site. Keeping new ones coming is always a fun task.

Elephant Brooches
Big Pile of Assorted brooches

The second pictures is a few other brooches we have created . Elephants not your thing,  We have loads of others.....hearts, zombies, trees, birds, pumpkins or just fun abstract ones. 

This next piece is a blank slate so to speak as it has not spoken to me on what it will become as of yet. Possibly a messenger like cross body tote for a potential client. We will see where it goes.

22"x 11" Bohemian Rhapsody

This small piece was done about a week ago, my first landscape with a horse. 

Here is a preview of a new piece I am working on today, it will be a large ( 20" x 20") 2D tulip pillow when complete. I am hand needle felting it onto a black wool base. Just about ready for some creative stitching as we add the petals on to it. I'll post again as soon as its finished.
2D Tulip Pillow

A couple of cuff bracelets.
Rose in winter

 This last piece for today was actually turned into a clutch called Neptune's Gold. Look for it on my Etsy site.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Creating Texture on on Needle Felted Projects

I have been reading loads of tutorials lately on textured felted or needle felted projects.
I always found using a good assortment of wool roving, yarns, and fabrics can create interesting texture with out too much difficultly.
So I have put together a picture file of ways you can use fibers/embellishments to create textures on their own. All pieces have been needle felted on a base of wool. All items are my own creations.
                                          What I like about this piece is the use of silk ribbon and scrim(cheesecloth)
Silk when needle felted has the tendency to crinkle and only bits and pieces of it will be felted down. The scrim on the other hand naturally sticks to its self unless you stretch it out flat.

The wool rose, also add texture , especially if you only needle felt the centers.
In this piece texture was added by NF using bulky yarns. Beads were added later to finish piece.
In this one by adding white silk to the edge of a darker shade create depth.

Using different fibers together, like in the first example as in this one can achieve
motion. L to R, silk cocoons, merino romney, fine merino rove, harrieville fleece, tussah silk top
and assorted mixed blends.
I call this feeling you enter fiber, as how the fibers lay on the wool base can deplete how your project
 will gain texture and movement.

'The Reef', shown here previously, but a good example of creating textured movement using
assorted fibers, yarns and embellishments.
Probably one of of most most shown pieces, due to the fact it was created using mostly silk fabric.
NF on a wool base, then machine free stitched.
If I can empress on on thing, don't limit yourself to using just roving, I have found my greatest inspirations by going out side of the box and using what ever I have. Sometimes needles get broke, due to thickness, and that is okay, Nothing is gained by not trying. Give it a shot.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Glass Tile Pendants

As spring has arrived in Tennessee I find myself wanting to do more art with a nature theme. Today I decided to hand paint glass tile pendants.

Lupine at twilight *
I used bath tiles I found at our local Home Depot*, they are slightly larger than the standard glass pendants at the arts and craft** stores and also already come with a white backing on them.Plus they were a lot less expensive, 60 tiles for $9.00 compared to  3 tiles for $4 at the A/C store.
For my  purpose I am painting on the front side , then covering with a coat of non yellowing resin.

I also choose to use alcohol ink pens (Spectrum Noir) and (Ranger) alcohol inks in bottles.
This gave me a chance to do so wild abstract backgrounds, but also do some fine point hand drawing with the pens.
Whatever medium you use, you will still need to coat with some type of resin or gel coating to protect the surface once done.

Bloom **

The star after the caption on the above tiles show the difference of the two types of tiles I painted on.
* Home Depot tiles ** Art store tiles

Once I was happy with the painting and it dried, I then put a gloss coat on it. I used Gloss Mod Podge on these two painting on three layers , letting each dry between coats. I made a light, non glare finish.

On these two I used Glossy Accents by Ranger. They will take about 12+hours to cure and dry completely. They have a high shine gloss coat. One coat is usually enough.

This pink one however, was a curious cause and effect. Even though the ink was dried it for some reason blended with the Mod Podge coating I painted on it.(top view) The second picture I added a little more ink to the bottom to see what would happen. it repealed the glue pushing it to the center of the tile.I then applied a little heat with my heat gun and this was the finish on it.The third picture is of it almost dry, you can see the raised area where the glue was pushed to the center left of tile .
It created a interesting effect. It will still need to have another two coats of Mod Podge , but I think I will wait a day before doing it to make sure it is really dry this time.

I will add silver bails on the back once all are dried. This is an easy craft , Acrylics would work just as easily as the inks. You could also use a sharpie marker if you are doing it with youngsters. It would make an awesome Easter or Mothers Day gift for kids in preschool or after care programs.