Sunday, August 5, 2012

Thread painting & Needle Felting

Today, I practiced my thread painting . I can do waves and loops and general free motion movements; but smaller more refined areas ..well I still need lots of practice.
If your not familiar with thread painting, it is the art of using your sewing machine to create paintings out of thread. A good person to check out is Terry White. I have taken a class from her, she is amazing. Here is her book that I have  and a couple of pictures to show you what thread painting is.

This is a piece I did in her class. The book tell how to do it. As you can see I have not finished it.

It is amazing that you can make all these really cool shapes out of thread, its additive. I use some aspect of it on every clutch I make. From the last blog I posted , the Desert Mini Clutch has lines on it to represent the rock formations you might see in the desert.
the two circle are just free form items I did while practicing in her class. The one on the left is a little distorted, because if you run around in circles your thread begins to draw up forming a cone. Interesting..huh? I have seen some really cool necklaces using that technique.

I ended up with this cute little dragon, when I finished .. I know he really needs legs, but this was practice after all. I think he is cute, and is now my craft room mascot.Since I made him flat (except for the beaded eye), I think I will put him in a glass free picture frame.

Hope your Sunday was creative, until next time....