Thursday, December 12, 2013

New clutches, pendants and more

It's been  awhile since I checked in. I almost cannot believe that in two weeks it will be Christmas.
This year has flown by. Where it went I have no idea.

Here a  few new pendants I have working on. These are made from zinc disc, sari silk ribbons & beading.
Really easy to make, just wrap the ribbon, secure with glue, then embellish. On the last one on the right I used Mod-Podge on the ribbon, it really stiffened it up.
The pink one has an alcohol ink charm and  free form hand embroidery. The middle one I just beaded in blues and gold.

Here  is a few items I have needle felted over the last few months.  The small grey purse is actually a phone or nook purse. its small shape is ideal for all our on the go gadgets.

This piece was actually made into a clutch, it is called Chocolate and berries for the colors I used in needle felting it.

This is one of six tea bag carriers.
 Called 'Sweet Tweets' tea wallets. Other colors available on my Etsy site.

These two are sari ribbon business card holders, sewn not needle felted. They would also hold your credit cards, and more. 

Anyway that's what i have been up to lately. Merry Christmas.