Friday, November 16, 2012

Direct checkout on Etsy site

Guess what ? I am so excited, the Artsy Clutch now offers Direct Checkout and excepts Etsy gift cards. If you don't know what this means , I'll tell you.
Instead of going through an off site account like Papal you can make your purchases in one place with your credit card at my Etsy site. For me that is Big, I have been on the fence about changing up who I went through, don't really know why as I trust Etsy for purchasing items this way, I guess I thought it would mean they would get more money, which they do sort of, but in today's age who doesn't.
Craft shows are over,Thank Goodness... a lot of effort, not big in rewards;YET, I am getting my name out there I suppose.
I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
The year is winding down, what will 2013 hold. A new year , a new start, new adventures etc. Kind of exciting.

I now have 46 items listed on my Etsy site. Just getting them there have been an effort. I tried making a catalog with my purses, descriptions , prices etc.  in WORD, then I could copy and paste to make it easier when I am listing a new items, but this just isn't working. An easier way has to be out there. Suggestions?

Its Friday, the start of a new weekend, tomorrow I am taking my mother-in-law Christmas shopping & for a girls day out while the boys are building a glass closed in porch at the farm. (Such a small area, its best to stay out of the way.) We started doing this about four times a year when they moved to TN, its a good way to bond , I enjoy it I think she does too.
We haven't been out at the farm in the last month, I miss seeing the woods changing colors for the season. Looking for new sink holes or seeing which ones have sunk even further in.

If I can get it to work I'll leave you with a fun picture from this time last year.
You really need to watch the "varmints" coming off the hill at Twilight, they'll a little crazy at times.
Hey JAMO this ones for you.... AA