Thursday, May 2, 2013

Scissors and more...

Do you ever wonder about the things in your craft room ? I am sitting here staring at a pile of scissors. Each one has its own uses and special quality, but so many.I put some on my peg wall board and it took up the whole bottom of the board.!!!!! Do you have a pile like mine?
left to right : 2 pair 'Tonic' brand, duck billed applique, Gingher pinks, Swiss thread snippers , Finny, Cutter Bees,
Embroidery scissors 1 (the best), Embroidery scissors 2 (the worst) Old pair blunt nose Gingher , Old pair Stainless, paper scissors (cheap) and at the top assorted rotary cutters.

Being a crafty girl and liking so many different  crafts, I have moo goo's amounts of a stuff. I counted my thread spools the other day, hoping to get them on a wall so I could organize them by color. I like thread.. Did you notice I didn't tell you how many I have. Psst., quiet now as I say it in a whispered voice.... a little over 300.There is NOWAY I can fit them on a wall and still see outside.So alas they stay in my bucket tub near my sewing table. My father in -law bless his heart offered to make me a large spool holder... I don't think He knew what he was getting into... I quickly told him to forget about it.
There are other items that amaze me too but my list could go and I wouldn't want to scare anyone off with all my craft room  craziness.

Working on a new line of stream line denim clutches called 'Stitches'. These fun little gems are made from  bits and pieces of scrap denim, cotton fabric, wild stitchery and needle felting stripes. They feature five pockets and close with a magnetic snap.There will be about 6 different colors when I'm through, the first one was done in yellow, black and green.

 I finally got around to trying out my walking foot attachment on my sewing machine, it works really well on thick fabrics.

Threads, beads, scissors, paints , felting stuff, scrapbook stuff, need I go on......

Have a great day. - TNfrmgrl