Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Happy Fall.I always see the autumn time as a time of warmth and wanting to create items that embodies that. So I have started making some miniature woven brooches and bracelets. 

Do you knit or crochet? I crochet some but not really enough to say I am really good at it. Doing a chain stitch or a granny stitch is about as far as my skills go. Still it does add an edge to whatever surface design I am working on. Weaving is much easier; at least way I am doing it is.

I have always loved the look of woven rugs, place-mats, doilies etc. So learning how to make them seemed like the next step in learning a new art skill.
Surprisingly making them a miniature level was quite easy.

I chose to use a heavy cardboard as my base. My first attempt was very small, About 2"x 3".
I carefully measured and cut 10 slits on each end only. (about 1/4") then I wrapped Perle thread Around each slot taping down the ends with double sided tape. 
Now we are ready to weave. I chose to use a chunky pencil rove in assorted colors to quickly fill in my weaving board.
weaving side

                                                                                                                                                               Next choose the side of your board that the strings look the evenest.This is the side you will be weaving on.

wrong side
Using a tapestry needled loaded with about 20" of yarn, rove, ribbon etc. carefully go under , over, under over, etc each strand of Perle thread, changing directions as you get to the side of your board. Each time you make anew row, tighten up your weaving by lightly pushing rows together.(the tighter your weaving is the nicer it will hold together in the end. )I continued weaving until I was about 1/2 inch from end of my board. At this time I tacked my rove on to the tape. Flip your piece over and carefully cut the strings in the center back all the way across. Take it off board.Lay your woven piece flat, and tie the stings into a knot on the edges. Two or three strings at a time. Doing both ends to secure your woven piece.

The rove I used quickly filled in the spaces and I really liked how it turned out. Wool rove likes to poof open , making it a great yarn to weave with or needle felt .
I chose at this point to fold under my stringed edges to the back and glue a small piece of felt to hide them under. I then added a piece of foam rubber and another piece of felt, this strengthened my piece to turn it into a brooch for everyday wearing. 
Embellish it as you see fit with, beads, buttons, trim . I choose a water theme, So I added Miliefiore beads, a starfish and crocheted ribbon.
TA-DA! you are almost done. Just add pin back and you are ready to wear and go. 

To make bracelets or larger pieces just make your board larger. Pinterest has some great ideas for making weaving boards, I had the heavy cardboard so that is what I used, but wood would be more durable, especially if you wish to make many.