Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fiber Art Journals

Last September I started working on Fiber Art Journals. I sold 2 lined ones at a show in November, then In February of this year I sold one with a theme of the Emerald Coast. The same person that bought that one recently purchased a second in this series called Pacific Ocean Kelp Garden. There is just something about water that draws us in and inspires the imagination.
Pacific Ocean Kelp Garden - opened up so you can see the whole picture.
closed- Front

Emerald Coast Art Journal opened to see whole picture
closed- Back

Thinking about doing several more in this series, maybe one on the Maine Coast, Alaskan Coast, Eastern Atlantic Coast , Great Barrier Reef . Just thinking aloud. There is something about these waters that draw you in and enchant you.
I didn't think it would be so hard to find marine life charms or implements. I found loads of nautical themed items. But not too many charms in the shape of fish (lots of gaudy plastic ones...icky). With the exceptions of Whales, Sea turtles, Starfish, Dolphins and shells. What is up with that ?  
In the Pacific Journal I was able to make a fish/ eel coming out of a rock using a dyed cocoon, then machined stitched and hand painted in a molted pattern. It looks more like a fish now then an eel. But I like it.
Closed -Front
Its strange I had been thinking about doing some new Journal covers when this custom order came in. I was given free rein to do any ocean theme I wanted as long as it had to with the ocean/sea. From researching on the net about the Pacific I saw lots of dark blue waters ( at least along the CA,OR, WA coastal areas, not as vibrant as here in the south;but beautiful nevertheless. That's not to say the waters there are not colorful, just a different shade of blue green. :) Regardless, I enjoyed making it. 

That's been my week so far. Happy creating... Happy Memorial Day Weekend!