Thursday, June 25, 2015

Creating Texture on on Needle Felted Projects

I have been reading loads of tutorials lately on textured felted or needle felted projects.
I always found using a good assortment of wool roving, yarns, and fabrics can create interesting texture with out too much difficultly.
So I have put together a picture file of ways you can use fibers/embellishments to create textures on their own. All pieces have been needle felted on a base of wool. All items are my own creations.
                                          What I like about this piece is the use of silk ribbon and scrim(cheesecloth)
Silk when needle felted has the tendency to crinkle and only bits and pieces of it will be felted down. The scrim on the other hand naturally sticks to its self unless you stretch it out flat.

The wool rose, also add texture , especially if you only needle felt the centers.
In this piece texture was added by NF using bulky yarns. Beads were added later to finish piece.
In this one by adding white silk to the edge of a darker shade create depth.

Using different fibers together, like in the first example as in this one can achieve
motion. L to R, silk cocoons, merino romney, fine merino rove, harrieville fleece, tussah silk top
and assorted mixed blends.
I call this feeling you enter fiber, as how the fibers lay on the wool base can deplete how your project
 will gain texture and movement.

'The Reef', shown here previously, but a good example of creating textured movement using
assorted fibers, yarns and embellishments.
Probably one of of most most shown pieces, due to the fact it was created using mostly silk fabric.
NF on a wool base, then machine free stitched.
If I can empress on on thing, don't limit yourself to using just roving, I have found my greatest inspirations by going out side of the box and using what ever I have. Sometimes needles get broke, due to thickness, and that is okay, Nothing is gained by not trying. Give it a shot.

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