Wednesday, January 27, 2016



1. Spill tiny glass beads into keyboard. 
2. Take said keyboard apart. 
3. Dump beads out .
4 Dump insides out of keyboard. 
5. Replace insides.
6. Blow out dust bunnies and other findings.
7. Go to replace cover , hit desk screws go flying 
8. Pick up 8 screws.
9. Loose screwdriver 
10. Find screwdriver and loose one screw. 
11. Oh well replace those that i have. 
12. Turn computer back on.
13. Sign on to computer. 
14. Mouse does not work. 
15. Move tower and push cord back in.
16. Move tower back into place, 
17. Find leg off keyboard that went lost over a year ago.
18. Try and replace said leg.Turn it all ways, push, and snap into place.
19. Leg in place , keyboard working.
20. Sequences.. how do we ever get through life without them

 Phone conversation with husband...Yes, honey I know you told me not to do  crafts over my desk. Yes, you can tell me" I told you so". I love you too. he laughs, I laugh.

If you have ever had a moment like this. i am right there with you.

Happy thought... All's well that ends well.

The cross body finally got put together. Now for a little embellishing.


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