Thursday, March 8, 2012

Felting Supplies Sites

So I was recently asked where I get all my cool felting supplies and roving and such.
I have a couple of main internet store I use on a regular basis..    this site is all about the arts, whether you are into felting, quilting, painting, beading , scrapebooking, etc. It has it all.
Another great site is www.tryourdesigns this site is great for felting needles you can buy them in bulk.
I purchased a set of 25 whole hand felting needles and a 50 pack assorted machine felting needles several years ago and still have not ran out.
I love all things  on another great site for any supplies you just gotta have.

Those were my top three.
But othere places like Treenway Silks, Living Felt, The Woolery have fun items too. Check'em out you love them too.

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