Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Flickr Site

I added my Flickr Site to this blog so you can seee some of my other work.
I also have a yahoo group called Needle2Felt, for all fiber artists. Just a place to share our ideas, make friends and let others know how our crafts our coming along.

A few months ago I got a great big box of felting supplies, new rovings and such. I am good at coming up with clutches to make but would really like to explore some of the other ideas using felting (wet, nuno or more advanced jewelry making... techniques) Any ideas?

I am also having a really hard time coming up with a good way to store all my lovely fibers and NF supplies. I am the queen of plastic storages containers, but they are not really appealing when I have friends / family over.(Since my craft room like most of us is in my spare bedroom.) As much as I love being able to see in them, It just reminds me I really, let me say again really need to destash my stash.

My hubby says I'm a little OCD since on occasion I couldn't stay with just one craft. I like it all.
Unfortunatly, it shows in my craft room. I believe if you do lots of different crafts, you can combine them and make even more fun things. YES, I am addited. but who in the craft world is not.
Another thing... can we felt with dog bunnies... you know like dust bunnies but the ever found fur from our fuzzydog, that I can never seem to get swept up enough.

Its getting ready to I'm a little chatty today.


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