Sunday, March 4, 2012

March 4, 2012

In like a lamb out like lion. Boy I sure hope so. Storms this past week were a little scary at times.
We had to close the shop I work in three times because of tornatic winds, rushing cutomers to a safe spot in our store and trying to keep everybody calm.

But today dawned bright and cold, about right for  mid south weather for March that is.

I had time this week to work on a New Felted clutch. Just debuted it on Etsy. It is called Green with Envy. You'll see why , tried it out today and it was awesome, almost didn't want to let it go.

 As for life at the farm, we actually didn't make it out there this weekend, due to an illness in the family.
I kinda miss it when we are not there. I do have a pictures of the Maple syrup we made; and the process.
 Tapping the tree.
 Gathering the sap. It took five gallons to make a pint of syrup.
Final product. Golden green in color, almost has a light carmel flavor, not real maply.

We may try it again, we have another week or so before it warms up too much to gain any  more sap.
If you have tryed making syrup , let me know I would love to hear from you.

Oh, before I forget, to my Felty friends I just got the latest edition of FELT magazine , it is wonderful. Lots and lots of great ideas. If you havn't heard of it it is from an Australian  group called,   Check it out, it is great.
talk more soon.
- tnfrmgrl

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