Thursday, March 15, 2012

Detecting with the boys

So as I last mentioned we were taking the metal detector out to the farm for the boys to play with.
They met us at the driveway entrance,(in the dark) ..shuttering...waiting to ambush us I think!
They ran excitedly along side of the car, daring us to race with them. Did I mention these young men are a relative fourteen and eleven... Kids you just gotta love em. So after a brief interlude of showing them how to work it, HK dressed to the nines in slacks, dress shirt and loafers, goes out into the dark to metal detect in the muddies of the farm.( Uncle first, business man second) Fist stop the back yard... not sure if anything was found there. Next stop the old logging road... just what we need more holes in the road. They did find a large survey nail with flag still attached.according to HK you would think they found 'GOLD'. But I guess to them treasure is treasure.
Today, they are going to visit HK at work. They pondered about going in guns a blazing.. taken literally as these boys are all about cowboys and their stuff. Did I mention HK works for a branch of the DOJ.
Guns a blazing might not be such a good idea. They are really into all things detective, police, criminal , cowboys, western  all mixed up in a Gene Audrey kind of way etc.. and smarter then I can believe. They're great young men and I can't wait to see how they grow up. The oldest one CJ plays a guitar that will bring tears to your eyes when he plays a spiritual melody. The younger DJ , well he is all boy, love all things , does all things, not afraid to try anything new. I watched him get such a kick out of driving on the lap of his PoPO in the pickup truck down the driveway last summer; think Indy 500. Look at him go ! I heard tells about him at target practice yesterday, that boy could go through a round quicker then you could blink. I wish I could have seen that.! Yes, if you haven't noticed I'm a doting Aunt. These boys mean the world to me. So much fun to be around.
 No new pictures today. Just a thought to go on. "Cherish your family!"


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