Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Okay, I admit I am new to to the blogging scene. Doing it everyday is my goal.
This weekend was extremely long. My father-in-law became sick and was admitted into the hospital on Sunday.
He is better now if not completely well, and is being released as I speak. It was along couple of days.

The Girls Night Out party I mentioned on Saturday, probably went off as expected, but after driving around for over thirty minutes and not finding the address I finally went home and made Chocolate Chip cookies and had a night in . As this was a prelude to Sunday's events I probably needed the rest. So it turned out for the best.

Went morel mushroom hunting.. didn't find any. But will try again soon. I really think because it has been so warm this Spring (even though it has been rainy), that they are not out as they would normally be. May have to wait now until Fall to find any.

Trying to DE-stash my stash of crafting supplies. Do you have any idea as to how hard this is. My crafty  room is about 10' x10' and is shared with a full size bed. My goal is to get rid of the bed, replace it with a futon couch, and maybe that will add a few more feet to my workspace. It is so crowded, you can't  walk across the room without stumbling on something. A few months ago I drew up a plan on how I would like it to be organized, but until I DE-stash it , I can't fix the space situation. I am off for the next three days, we will see how much I can get done on it.
Just call me Mrs. Pack Rat...trash it, give it away, or massive crafty yard sale. something really needs to be done.


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