Thursday, March 22, 2012

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You can now post comments. yes it was a well duh! moment on my part , as I assumed you could already do this. A computer geek I am not. but a figured this one out on my own.
My week is going pretty well, got some much needed rest, planning a fun anniversary getaway, just being a homebody.

Getting the 'Art Room"' cleaned up is more of a challenge then I thought. It would be nce to find all
my rotary cutters and scissors. Or my rulers before they get broken by me leaning onto them.
What is crazy, I have places on the wall for all of these items, sometimes they are there and others well.. They get left where I had them last. Do you do this?

Would you believe me if I said it was raining again. I have a feeling this summer is going to be HOT, HOT, HOT. and probably raining.:) LOL.

HK is going to till the garden this weekend if it is still not too wet. If we don't get it done soon, Most of the garden will be in the little greenhouse.
I did weed and hoe up my three small raised beds. So they are ready for planting carrots, lettuce, radishes, onions/chives (already there) and maybe a few more herbs. I love fresh salads.
Found a few sweet potatoes that I will replant from last years crop, they can go in there too.
Yum, making me hungry as I write.

Until next time- tnfrmgrl

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