Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 14, 2012 Daffodils

So I read the greatest  story the other day on , It was about a mischievous farm boy. And I thinking, you know I know a couple of little boys, like this. They just love to try anything out from climbing to the highest peak in our tobacco barn to fire cracking snake holes to panning for "GOLD" in our creek.
Ree mentioned an episode about cars keys being buried, I gotta say I laughed until I cried. especially since we are taking the metal detector out to our farm for a couple of young boys ( our nephews) to try out. I'm having nightmares about what they will hide and hopefully remember to dig back up.
If you haven't checked out this blog you really ought too. My dad of all people introduced me to it about a year ago. She tells some of the greatest stories... .

It is a beautiful Spring day here in the mid-south. The high is suppose to be around 82. Can you believe it for mid March. I was driving through a residential area this morning and was awed to see all the trees in bloom. Magnolias, Pear, Cherry, Red bud... I could go on. My daffodils have never been as pretty as this year. I think we needed a warm spring for them to come out in a blazing blooming glory of color. (I'm not even sure I planted all these types, but they sure are pretty.)
I counted twelve blooms on my gooseberry plant. Does that mean I'll get twelve berries? We only had one fruit on it last spring and the old rooster ate it. My blueberries are.. well they just are. I want them to grow but for some reason they are staying little. We planted them about two years ago had eight deer ate two, down to six and they are struggling. I planted them in a sunny location  but the soil had a lot of clay in it. Maybe that's the problem, even though we put good soil around them with fertilizer. i don't know.
This year we planted four American Plums, we have wild plums at the back of the farm but they don't produce fruit. we are lagging at getting the garden tilled.. It has been so wet, afraid we will get stuck if we try.. more rain on the way tonight. I did notice a kale plant that reseeded itself, so aleast I have some if not many fresh greens.

I leave you with a picture or three of my blazing blooming daffodils.

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