Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12, 2012 Color

If you have seen any of my clutch handbags, you know by now I do not have a problem implementing color into them. There is really not a color I don't like. I mention this because lately I have been receiving emails regarding using a single color in my crafts. Though the Green with envy clutch was not technically all green, it was done in shades of green with white eyelash yarn added in for a burst brightness.
I have noticed that the trends this year for spring tend to be a lot bolder in shades like pumpkin, canary, Kelly green, turquoise, deep reds... colors that I sometimes I attribute to late summer early fall. Seeing them in Spring is a little shocking. I'm not really a pastel kind of girl, I like them but , but it has to be the right shade to want to wear it in clothing. Do you know what I mean? Now pastel shade that come with a more Victorian era , like mauve's, deep lavenders I can get behind in accessories that is;or my clutch handbags, they I believe look great in these royal pastely colors. Is pastely a word? I don't know but I like it.

I am sitting here looking at my inspiration board. It is full of bold color and rich deep pastely colors, whether in fiber or painted on, ribbon, needle felted, sewn etc. Color is not an issue for me.
How about for you? Where does your inspiration come from? How do you incorporate it into your art?


According to spell check PASTELY is not a word... oh well I still like it. :)

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