Friday, April 12, 2013

BIG News

This tulip has showed up for almost fifteen years
and never bloomed until this year. Pretty!
I am so excited. About a week or so ago I was invited to have my items included/ listed at a local consignment shop. We set the ball in motion today; going tomorrow and signing contract for three months of booth space.
This is a huge deal for little Ole me. I enjoy the craft shows but my name as a fiber artist isn't really out there. Now the potential has increased.  The shop is located in MT. Juliet TN about thirty minutes from our home in Nashville.  The shop is small, but will only carry local handmade items, local being made in TN and such.
It is called ' A Jones of all Trades' cute name and the name of one of the owners.
I have been rushing around trying to find at least twenty items to take with me. Some (and I guess it was meant to be) expired on my Etsy site tonight, so I included them too. I also made three NEW items just for them.
It has been a busy afternoon here, the storms didn't come up to what the weather people thought, just heavy rain, not lightning in our area or strong winds. Today has been bright and sunny if not a little cool at 60 degrees, compared to our whopping 86 just two days before.
Stormy day 4-11-13
Something New 1
Something New 2

 Working on one more piece , since I seem to have tulips on my mind .It will be pink tulip interpretations with butterflies. I'll post as it comes together.


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