Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Shop, Yearling & Morel Hunting

Good Morning. Its an overcast cloudy Tuesday in TN. Warm today in the mid to high 80's with a chance of thunderstorms. Typical southern spring day.

We went on Saturday and looked at the small shop where I am going to have my clutch purses sold at. They have a lot of work to do if they are going to open on May 11th.  It is small. I have a feeling, they will outgrow it soon. For me its an easy drive to get to it, no interstates and probably about a twenty drive from home. The road it sits on is four lane and in a really populated area between thrift stores, nurseries, barber shops, hardware and major department stores.  Below is a picture of the store front.
The owners Steven & Rebecca Jones are very enthusiastic, and have lots of ideas for making it come together and be a success.
'A Jones of all Trade'
 Farm note: I wanted to show a picture of a yearling(deer) we have on the property, Not sure what he was watching in this picture, but he gave us his best Bambi stance. 

Mushroom Hunting: We (HK and Pops)went Morel hunting on Sunday afternoon. HK found about 10 small Half Free Morels (morchella semilibera), I would show you a picture, but we soaked them in salt water overnight, then fried them up. To say they were yummy, would be an understatement. They were gone BEFORE I could take a picture. But here is what they looked like from my Mushroom book. 

Taken from "The Mushroom Book' By Laessoe, Conte and Lincoff
If you go mushroom hunting, KNOW what you pick before you eat it. Morels are fairly easy to identify, but there are some that look close to each other and are deadly. 
Here in TN it is the time for them to be popping out (mid April-mid May), we will probably go each weekend for next few weeks. Especially, now that we know where on the farm our honey hole (place where they grow) is.

Needle Felting: 
I have been working on new items for several weeks now. The flex frame pieces are coming together slowly, but are coming together. (no pictures as of yet). I Finished on extra large clutch yesterday, needle felted and free stitched only on the flap.
I have several others I am working on, but not sure if I want to make clutches from them  or turn them into something else
Today; I plan to work on painting my scarves, stay tuned, as I'll take pictures as I go, turn it into a tutorial of sorts.
have a great day.

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