Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy April : Purple Obsession clutch & Easter Handbag

Wow, can you really believe that we are in month four of the year already.
We spent most of yesterday at the farm , prepping the garden for this next season. We are a few weeks behind, TN and the south has had some crazy stormy weather this year. Mother nature can't seem to make up her mind on if she wants it to be winter, spring, summer or all of the above, Today for instance we are under severe storm warnings, the sun is kind of shinning but dark clouds are on the horizon.The wind had picked up and a cool chill is in the air. Something is brewing.

Hopefully tomorrow I will semi be back on my feet. I got my CAM cast (removable about ten days ago), sure is nice to let the piggies breath. Still can't wiggle them much. Tomorrow I hope my doc. will get me up and let me try walking. We can only hope. I thought having a knee walker would be cool, but I'm slightly clumsy and have the bruises to show for it. Better then crutches I think??!!

Just got in a mad amount of purse supplies, so I really need to get cracking on making some new items. Flex frames might be fun; along with some sew in frames and two kiss clasp frames. A little different then my standard magnetic snap clutches.

I wrote about doing alcohol ink on scarves back last summer, we'll that didn't go like I thought it would, haven't completely given it up. I read several tutorials on ink/ dye resists on scarves, so we will try it again. armed with better info.  I am going to take the scarves I made then , put a resist on them , then dye them, wash out the resist, so only some of the colors from the first time come out. It really can't be that hard. Stay tuned.
This is the Purple Obsession clutch , it is listed on Etsy site. It is Extra large in size. Needle felted with a Merino Romney mixed fleece , then thread painted in a abstract pattern.
Easter Purse, made from camel brown felt , then needle felted, wet felted then sewn onto bag to create a lovely 3D effect.

- Tnfrmgrl