Saturday, May 19, 2012

Yellow Clutch : Solar

I finished the yellow clutch yesterday. Its name is Solar. After completing a thought hit me, don't you just love it when you could have made a great change but it doesn't hit you until AFTER you completed your project. My thought, I should have used Solar thread so it would change colors if the sun hits on it.

Or how about glow in the dark. Seriously, why don't these thoughts come to me when I'm in the creating mode. Oh, well. Its in my head now so I'll have to try it out and see what becomes of it. Might make some pretty cool thread paintings using solar or glow in the dark thread.

this is the back, note organza eye, top center, the waves or solar flares were created with silk or organdy ribbon, then wave stitched over top.

flap has opaque yellow multi-colored glass beads on the edges

here are a couple pictures of the yellow clutch ( newly listed on my Etsy site).
inside lining is a printed brown  cotton floral
a little sunny sparkle was added using Angelina fibers in Pearl.
I did a couple of large yellow organza eyes, stuffed wool Neb's then stitched just around the edges, kind of poofed it out a little. Its all about texture.

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