Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Power of the Purse 5/3/2012 pictures

As many of you know I donated a clutch for the Greater Duluth United way Power of the Purse Auction on May 3rd of this year. Today I received pictures from this event.
My clutch actually sold for less then I had it marked for, but every donation helped as they raised 22,000 dollars for this literary event. I would love to hear from the individual who won it, for feed back, where they are from, etc.

Anyway, here are some pictures from this event.
To see more pictures from this event go to

As for new projects i have been working on a yellow clutch. I said several topics ago I wanted to make one in shades of yellow.,well I finally got around to it.
Its coming along. I tried a new trick , instead of using felt for my background I am using a med weight quilt batting. Surprisingly, this is a little harder to needle felt on. I suppose the thickness has something to do with it. A peer recently told me about how she felts on it, and has no trouble. Maybe it is the pile/ thickness, I used baby quilt weight, Warm and Natural brand as this is what I had on hand.
I don't know.. I tried it, not a huge fan, I will probably go back to using felt for my base.

 What do you think? (see pictures below)
this is the back of batting, it should show more coming through.
mm, not sure it is worth doing this way.

Onward, I up cycled/ recylcyed  this purse for a challenge in Haute Handbags, but the deadline came and went before I had a chance to submit it.
Last but not least not sure if I showed this one off to you or not. Soon be new on my Etsy site. Not named as of yet.
until we  speak again.-TNFRMGRL

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