Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Alcohol Inks & Cheesecloth

Happy 2015!

The time for new creations and ideas is here.
This week I have busily creating fiber wrapped bangles and dyeing cheese cloth with alcohol inks.

Today though I want to share with you an easy way to use up leftover alcohol ink.
I used 5"x 7" double folded cheesecloth rectangles. I dipped each into water and wrung out until damp and not dripping. Lay on a flat surface you don't mind getting stained with the inks. 
(note: you can clean up any spills, drips with a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol.)

Drip inks in random or controlled patterns onto cheesecloth. Just like when you are working on a non porous surface the inks will blend slightly. To blend even more scrunch up fabric in hand, lay flat and repeat. You can leave cloth in a ball and drip over it, effect is more subtle /softer especially if you continue to work the colors in by scrunching or wadding up. (Note: if you don't want your hands stained by the inks , wear plastic gloves.)
When you are happy with your outcome, air or machine dry on no heat, rinse and repeat , The ink is permanent but some may come out on the first rinsing.  Heat set between a cloth or paper towel with a iron on cotton setting. It can now be used in any project you want.each layer will be a little lighter, great effect for ombre effects; keeping only two layers you can control how dark your colors come out. The red above, can out evenly on both sides, the more scrunching together you do the more the ink is set in the fabric. Be sure to work quickly as the alcohol will evaporate quickly. That is one reason why I wet the cheesecloth in the beginning. 

Your probably thinking why would I dye my cheese cloth with this method. Its simple, I had leftover ink, you know that little bit left in the bottle, I could have used it with another Yupo project, but I chose to do something a little different. I also added a little rubbing alcohol to my bottles it was great way to extend what was left in them; however it did dilute the colors. 

As artists or crafters materials can be expensive and finding new ways to use them is always a treat. 

Look toward the next post as I'll tell you about making the fiber wrapped bangles I mentioned at the beginning of this post.

Happy Crafting in 2015!

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