Monday, July 15, 2013

New Clutch and other news

I finally finished the 'Storm clutch' . I had made this piece several weeks ago and kinda knew what I wanted to do with it, but didn't really have the time or ambition to do it until today.

This is the piece before I made it into a clutch.Loads of movement and if you use your imagination you may see why I titled it 'STORM'.

This is actually the back side of it, I wasn't paying attention when I shot the photo or the front of the clutch would be facing out. It is beaded. It is the perfect size for your phone, small wallet, keys and what ever other necessities you may need; for having such a small opening , I can easily put my hand inside to retrieve what ever I may need out of it.

The next shot is of the front. It is really a small handbag. It opens with a 4" flex frame, and had a 17"chain handle that can be tucked inside to use the bag as a clutch.The beading is purely decorative and didn't have a single thing to do with storms in general, except I liked the color and flash it added to the clutch.

As for the other news, the little crafty consignment  shop "A Jones of all Trades' that I had my purses at decided after 2 1/2 months to close up  shop, not due to not having any business, things were really booming or so I was told. The owner had even signed on several new vendors in just the last week. They decided to move back to Oklahoma.. It was all quite sudden like. Life goes on. You never know where a new adventure will happen. So I wished them luck and will place my items back in my Etsy shop.
That's really all for today.


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