Saturday, October 27, 2012

Craft shows ???!!!!

Okay, we know the first craft show of the 2012 season was a bust, but here we go again,,Tomorrow I have sent several pieces with my father in-law to Alabama for a show at Our Lady of Sorrow Church and school craft show. He makes wooden toys and thought my washer necklace's and needle felted clutches would be a nice soft factor to help sell his toys , breaking down the hardness and all. Kind of a hard and soft look if you will.
I am presenting at the Elzie D. Patton Expo in Mt. Juliet , TN next weekend. This is looking to be a fun filled day for everyone. I was quite impressed and surprised when I received a call earlier this week from the chairperson to make sure i was still attending and to answer any questions I would have. That was awesome.
A view from inside my craft show tub

A new  fun necklace made for Fall from felt scrapes

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