Wednesday, August 29, 2012


 From last week : Well this week has been exciting, as we had a huge dead tree (Hack berry/elm) removed from our fence line . Starting on Wednesday and finishing up  late yesterday. While trying to trim the big wad of ivy out of the top a Opossum came out and ran into the tree topper, he said it came him a small fright. So yesterday when the other trimmer went up every few feet he would shake and thump a branch on the trunk announcing he was coming up. Luckily , no critters this time.:)
To get the machinery into our backyard and down our narrow driveway they had to cut back several still living trees, I was amazed at how much sunlight is in the yard now, It has made our once dim little yard into a brightly lit yard. Sunlight dabbled through it all day yesterday.

Since the dead tree was somewhat hollow and they were concerned about being on it and cutting on it, they decided to pull down the entire trunk (45 Feet of it) into the yard. I almost couldn't watch with the fear of them hitting the house(the tree was taller then the distance to the back porch).They said they were going to have it fall between the house and up the drive way, sure enough that's what they did. Amazing accuracy.

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