Thursday, August 2, 2012

Laughable Signs

Came across this great sign the other day.
What is so funny about it our neighbor about a mile over from us at the farm has a similar one, but more refined and legal telling people NOT to enter his bovine (cattle) field because they will not be held responsible it they are hurt by such bovines.
Since this is a new sign, I suppose he had individuals cutting across his property to get to the swimming hole that runs through his land or what ever. Do people really think...'oh, that's such a cute bull, he won't hurt me. Or my favorite, that bulls are slow & dumb'. Come on now. What do think is going to happen if you tease, slap them or try and tip them? You see people doing stupid things in the movies, I guess some just need to try them out.
Here's the picture, gotta love the sense of humor it invokes.


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