Saturday, June 30, 2012

Beads: Wonderful Beads

While on vacation , I had a chance to stop in at the " No Name Cafe" in Port St. Joe FL. What a great little shop this is, cafe, coffee, books and crafts what more could a girl want. Anyway, I came home with the most amazing assortment of beads, clearanced priced at that. Some are stone, some handmade, some are glass and others are wood, I love them all.
Beads are used in my clutches all the time but usually they are a generic type, nothing too special unless I am feeling whimiscal, or doing a special project like the White Wedding clutch which I incorperated AB glass and swavarski crystal in it. But these new little gems are wonderfully great.
My favorite is a little Garnet stone bead semi-circlish in shape with ragged edges.

I'm back, started this post a couple of days ago, got side tracked , but  where was I?
Oh yeah , the little red garnet stone beads, too cute and such a great color of red. while going through them again this morning I found a similar one in dark blue, not sure on the stone of this one, there is also jade, some green  agates and other assorted glass types.

the assortment

my favorite one : garnet

shell slices I plan on using for closures on my clutches

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